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Edit monoplane of Lowwing are the Airbus A320 family of the cell boom with a conventional tail with a single vertical stabilizer and an oar.


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The family was soon extended 1994 First A321 1996 A319 and A318 in 2003.


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11. It faster than the Boeing 737 had a cruising speed of Mach 0.84.


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Edit A320 enhanced A320 enhanced or A320E is the working title for a number of improvements of the A320 family.



Standardization of the cockpit the Flybywire and cockpit of standardization in all of the A320 family are at the heart of commonality which allows that a pilot on a member of the family to steal everything that qualified with the same type rating.


Airbus A320

Determination of low cost flights and Charter which is widespread worldwide services between sectors of the short suburbs in Europe and Asia in the transcontinental flights in the United States the A320 dense typically seating 150 passengers in a cabin Twoclass or up to 180 in a.


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11. It faster than the Boeing 737 had a cruising speed of Mach 0.84.


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Setting Singleaisle the A320 is the product of the Singleaisle best selling continue what Airbus product range of Singleaisle success with the A320 has standards in the industry for the comfort and economy on short and bilateral operation.


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Compared to the A320 A321 the major change is the stretched fuselage which is elongated by 22ft9in 6.94 metres so that it the largest A321 under aircraft of the Airbus A320 family.



This is usually known in the industry the savings generated airlines due to the short transition period for pilots.