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Boeing 777

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Verkehrsflugzeuge are difficult, so complete and cost-effective as possible respond to this combination of requirements of mission targets that make them the result of the airline.Aircraft of line-type aircraft, including two primary parameters: payload, consisting of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail and service area of nonstop carrier between specific city pairs. Boeing pictures able to offer

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aircraft were configurations, essentially design solutions planned operational duties and therefore vary depending on the length and width; Span, wings and supercritical.Type, thrust and Assembly.and the horizontal and vertical position and size

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777 its origins until 1986 as Boeing first, that the need for a twin-engine design had found pinched, capacity to replace the McDonnell - Douglas DC-10 and Lockheed L-1011-Trijets between the existing 767-300 and 747-400.Although initial configurations, all designed 767 - X, closely his predecessor 767 with greater capacity and wingtip fences similar to had, it was quickly obvious that a new design, the seventh part of the commercial Boeing aircraft company, be required would, after a latest iteration an equipped with a 757 fuselage 767 winglet, which graphically represented on the back of the product marked a semidouble decker.Apart from considerations of drag, the floor existing heating of baggage, goods and mail volume for the projected capacity would be. Boeing photos Because of the ability to always reliable and already fans of Turbo, which may be of this new aircraft, such as the 767 configured round two of them are.

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, the new design, offer more than 767-X referred, was on 8 December 1989, to an aircraft has long, 16 feet 41 centimetres wide, was granted and had, a 14-foot was greater that its predecessor, but had pointed the first comments of the all the Nippon, American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta, Japan Airlines, Qantas and United States, that Boeing was not quite innovative: all sought a larger aircraft with State-of-the-art technology, such as fly-by-wire and extended controls twin-engine operational ability.

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a new iteration, with a 20, 3-feet wide, round fuselage cross section in a 747 - cabin double-aisle led and his foot 199.11, supercritical wing with a supercritical 31 6 degrees design-goal-cruising-speed to answer and requirements at the same time had American DC-10 size is compatibility with was innovative, folding of the wings.It would be larger aircraft twin-engine, narrow or broad body of the world are produced.Because of the relatively late design phase, it would allow to the so the widest cabin of their competition.

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With United Airlines had arrested its $ 3.5 billion to start options for fixed and 34 34 15 October 1990 to replace dozens of DC, he launched the design of pure-Jet seventh of Boeing and a partnership with the manufacturer for a cell of the highest quality.

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That had plane which was then appointed rolled three and six months later than 9 April 1994, WA001, was the first computer graphics 3D, digital designed and surpassed its initial goal of change of design, reduce errors or rework of 50 percent.In fact, the alignment of the first aircraft was off the coast by a mere.023.po


the airliner, Boeing 777, also in the first round of the fuselage were designed.To enable the requirements of large capacity carrier, Boeing had, for the first time, by way of derogation from section cross traditional fuselage shaped egg, committed a circular scale, sufficient internal width and volume for had 747 - like, ten seats coast to Coast coach. Boeing wallpapers and led to a simpler, lighter and cheaper structure.Internal seat options had twin-aisle configurations vary between six and ten side by side, in a variety of classes and dense, for a maximum of 440 capacity, while areas of flexibility, quick-cooking and reconfiguration of toilet, the need was authorized after the airline.provided

resume the standard LD - 3 containers on the lower deck, saving 18 Unlike the previous 767 was 777 (or six pallets) hold in his advance and 14 on its back.

a supercritical wing, with a duration of 199.11 feet, one, 31, supercritical 30 degrees which had quarter rope and the relationship of 8.68, optimized its and capacity useful-Beach, had yet guarantees as the operation of the altitude and low speed handling.Rear wing led to the fall significantly behind in double generation, split lift domestic and low speed of the outboard trailing edge single-slotted flaps added lift.The feet of 21.3 external each wing, combined with a hydraulic hinge, Tor facilitates compliance on the ground, while American Airlines, for which he had designed were never this option chose had, nor was one of the other airlines.

Unlike the tail 767 leads tapering conical drag 777 reducing, one in the form of blade, sponsored by the auxiliary power unit to the side to escape.

With most of the hardware design of the previous design of Boeing , especially in the fixed edges wing, baffles of root of wing, spoiler panels, the surfaces of the wing trailing edge, drift, engine nacelles and the doors of the aircraft main landing gear had presented a weight reduction of 2,600 books because of it.

Its been two high bypass ratio Turbo fans, more powerful and reliable, designed for a commercial aircraft, of which 123 diameter equal to that of the fuselage with six sitting side by side 737 coach.With blades fully composite of rope, swallowed two million cubic metres of air per minute and had the first potential for a boost of £ 100,000.

Its had contain LG 14 wheeled, tricycle one unit with the nose two-wheeled, steerable, and two to six wheel main gear the avoided had the need for a third party, DC-10-30-like strut and had presented a rear axis, controlled hydraulic branch, which functioned under the nose-wheel.

The first design of Boeing , to replace the old technology of system of flight control wire with fly-by-wire electronic signals, the aircraft had not left of, directly related input receiver of signals were operated.Instead of this, computer had translated these flight control commands move signals.

Steal everything first with Washington, June 12, 1994 of E, the Boeing 777, Pratt and Whitney Engines 4084 eclipsed by a T-38, trois hours hunting aircraft, 48-minute flight had completed a success and replaced the type of two-year, nine aircraft test programme of three types of engines, air 6,700 hours had and 4 800 flight cycles.At the same time certified by the FAA and the JAA, it was the first aircraft of passengers, extended twin-engine operations engine of 180 minutes since the first day of the collection of performance, won on 19 April 1995, with Pratt and Whitney, two months later with the United States of London-Heathrow to Washington took place Dulles.

The basic design had matched inherent flexibility, with the previously dry and successively further centre section fuel tank engines, optimizes type for sectors of still greater distance, in the first version of a later b version and an increase in the final gross weight or 777-200IGW, model, until the type had recognized collective - 200ERfor the longest range.Use of fuselage, wings, empennage, motor-mast and structural reinforcement of chassis, the aircraft with an increase of fuel gallons U.S.14.220 and more high, 656 000-book weight, had offered 7 700 miles, but was three dimensions identical with its predecessor-200. Boeing images First flights engines with General Electric GE90 on 7 October 1996, it had certified following January and has been in service with British Airways on 9 February.

Airline dictate a higher capacity, coupled with the inherent extensibility of basic unit, led to the first three dimensional change and had followed the trend of the previous Boeing bestsellers, all with the same growth capacity designed had.

The version targeted as early replacement of (b) 747-100 and -200, would offer similar passengers than this single set of Quad, but with much more than fuel, reduce costs with seat-mile and advanced technologies.

Cathay Pacific had, by chance, a very high capacity widebody on intra-asiatiques roads where range is not critical, but the type would be undertaken twin-engine that they are more profitable.

Officially at the Paris air show in 1995 after receiving 31 orders of Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, Thai Airways International, and ANA had elongated variety, 777-300, referred to one of the ten forward and nine-frame inserted rear fuselage, an optimal balance and focus to ensure and rotation angle required use of remove existing 777-200 chassis get featuredto increase the maximum capacity of 550 class.To prove the speed, with this number to evacuate two type a cap used for exit doors.Section of fuselage and inner wing and nose and by strengthening the train had catered to the increase in structural weight, while excessive angle of the bottom of the hull to withdraw a Tailskid.protected had

because of the long wheelbase unprecedented maneuver mounted stabilizer ground abdominal and horizontal camera system or CMG, had provided electronic images of the crew to facilitate press releases and rotate.

777-300, 4 242 Feet, but the same length scale of 199 11-foot, flew first on 16 October 1997, with lb of thrust 82.800 Rolls Royce Trent 892 engines, test pilot, the statement of the time difference, which had added the maneuver with her camera system, but properties inflight which were about 200 almost four hours after his first identical to those of rolling vol.

The 777-300-certification program, which had five aircraft and 1,500 hours involved, focused on the differences between the two versions.

Type, opened in service with Cathay Pacific on 27 May 1998, was finally 98 000 lb of thrust-Pratt Whitney 4098, 90 000 lb of thrust pushed Rolls-Royce Trent 892 and 93 700 lb-General Electric-90-94 b - Turbo - fan powered and had a book 660 000 maximum take off weight.Wings and fuselage section Center 45.220 US gallon fuel capacity had provided a class mixed typical 6,000 miles, and the variant became the first serious competitor on the own Boeing 747 in capacity.

Series 100 777, for the moment the family base missing and taken in charge by American Airlines, for a smaller capacity, extremely long-range version with a fuselage shorter, which might connect two points around the world have been high.As little inclined to the engine manufacturer to develop a turbofan with thrust greater than that used by the 777-200ER was, reduce the fuselage can still use engines, trade structural weight for the production of fuel range.

Would be initially planned, a 777 X-100 with a decline of frame of 10-12 for a supplement of three classes of approximately 250, more fresh, since fewer passengers and freight less reduced aircraft operation would be potential sales in the whole, well that the desired region would have been obtained.For one such design was therefore at least 200 existing of the fuselage length.Use

Save the resulting version 777-200 X never used fuel in tanks on the hinge of the wing and 298 people, three classes that would occur as of the world commercial aircraft in the world capable of stealing 8 600 miles. Boeing pics Would be comparable stretched fuselage, 355-passenger 777-300 x offers a range of 6 600 miles nautical.

Property that the Malaysia has signed a memorandum of agreement for 15-200Xs airlines and Thai Airways International had expressed as high interest, many Asian airlines found that the still imperfect design field, have been, because he could not provide their desired Pacific-US West Coast capacity.

Fight against strong competition by Airbus with its A-340-500, the Singapore Airlines itself had ordered in May 1998, Boeing could reach only the area you want with an advanced wing, higher gross weight and more powerful engines.

Six - foot-5 inches of fuel-efficient extensions, drag-reduction, searched the wings, sporting had extended the span and wing box and increased full of fuel, but a new capacity, 750,000 pounds weight had required major structural reinforcement of the fuselage and the vertical and horizontal tail.The engine nacelles were revised.The main landing gear had integrated new wheels, brakes and tires and service semi-lever version stretched for the purposes of the rotation angle.Expand

air conditioner new intern positioned lines and parts of the installation of secondary compartments for crew members of flight rest support structure were configured with two to nine beds in the hull of the Crown of the passenger over memory spaces, allowed emergency service for Flight 19 h.time similar Galerius Crown provision increased by bridge of four and the lower deck seats four to shorter fuselage and seven and six or the hull of version more. photos of Boeing long

Due to competition by the A-340-500, the latter would be developed first.

Announce officially the program on February 29, 2000, Boeing launched the largest of the global world and more powerful twin engine in the form of the 777-200LR more ranging from Worldliner and extended range 777-300ER.This last first flying on 23 February 2003, of all submitted 115.300 thrust-lb-General Electric GE90 models Turbo fans, a wingspan of 212 feet, weight 775 000-book, U.S.47 800 gallon fuel capacity and 7 930 nautical miles and was placed in service with Air France, which can be followed.Not until March 8, 2005, stolen had retained the 777-200LR, 200 the length and the - 300ER extended the span, but with rear three optional cargo bay fuel tanks, capacity 53.515 U.S.gallons, has an area of 9.380 miles with 110.100 thrust-lb GE90 - 110b 1 engines. pictures of Boeing After a test program with 886-hours, which had two aircraft, 318 ground hours and cycles of 328, had the variant with the Pakistan International a year later, 3 March 2006 entered.

Boeing was thus able, a family full of medium and long term and ultra long-haul aircraft passenger with two capabilities provided.

, The type was quickly registered the milestones.After five years with 280 aircraft Boeing 777 ten exceeded the million hours and more than 100,000 Advanced two operations, particularly across the Atlantic stolen.Weil was the launch customer, has recorded more hours than any other airline 777.Lauda Air had recorded daily aircraft utilization above type, 14.92 hours on the road to Austria Australia.

That the twin-aisle aircraft more quickly sold, encoches it up to 500 shipments 2004

, The range of capacity often many of these milestones led.For example, he had 7, April 1997 is record type reached global circumnavigation 41 hours, 59 minutes with a single stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before landing at Boeing field.10.823 Miles flying, he had the distance great circle without landing record and he had also won an average of 553 mph, speed around the world towards record.And 777-200LR was November 10, 2005 captured the world record for the distance of 11.664 miles in 22 hours, 42 minutes, more than to halfway around the world.

As a 747 replacement of the 777-300 fuel led the same number of passengers on a third and had required maintenance of less than 40%.

The final version, a free cargo of external passenger Windows or indoor facilities, a long-range, high capacity, all-cargo aircraft led by carrier need and had a first appointment made in launched life on May 24, 2005, Air France.Based on the 777-200LR-Worldliner, there 110.100 thrust-lb-GE90-110B1L-powered Turbo fans.With a maximum fuel capacity of the 47.890 we a thousand nautical 4.886 area had the gallons of aircraft 766 000 books.Its capacity of 226 000 books in an inner frame payload, 23 051-cubic foot band fails: pourrait BCF 18.301 on the main deck, pourrait it allow 27 pallets of 96 inches and they carry ten pallets of 96 inches to 4 150 feet cubes on the lower deck.Another 600 cubic meters of freight could in bulk compartment in the.Run

have any 1000 sales of all 13 years between 1995 and 2008 versions, the versatile 777 Boeing eingekerbt widebody twin-engine seemed ready to transport passengers and cargo in 21 century.